sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Miguas miniature Cane in a box

Miniature canes, are a product sold by Miguas Portuguese brand, made by craftsman with over 40 years of experience. Works of canes cables beyond the traditional format, with forms of ducks, dogs, snakes, fish, various dolls, and all that is in the imagination of the craftsman.
The woods used are various, including cherry, eucalyptus, hackberry, chestnut and apple trees. As a decorative element can be used as brass, silver, gold, fees, nacre inlays.
Today, canes are used as decorative items and not so much as a fashion accessory as in other times. Our brand has transformed the traditional canes into miniature canes. The inspiration came from wooden boxes of Port Wine, appeared this unique product.